C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Round 7 Update
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The round 7 match between Malahide and St Gabriel’s is outstanding, but St Gabriel’s did catch up on their outstanding Round 6 match with Foxhall. In fact, they had their 1st win when they defeated Foxhall by 16.25 to 3.75 VP’s. Unfortunately, this wasn’t quite enough to move them from the bottom of the table, but they are now on a roll and Malahide need to be wary. Check out St Gabriel’s Shelanne Purcell’s BBO profile. She is sporting an even bigger gin glass following this win!
The Round 7 headlines were:
“Donabate return to winning ways”
“Victory scrape home against Clare O’Neill’s Broadmeadow team”
“Mary Hynes’s team come out on top in St Anthony’s local derby”

Donabate return to winning ways

After their shock defeat in the previous round to Victory, Doris Bruederlin rallied her troops around her and gave them a stirring pep talk before their match with Liz Butler’s Broadmeadow team. It seemed to have worked as they won the match by 16.25 to 3.75 VP’s and extended their lead at the top to a very commanding 20 VP’s. Broadmeadow were only 7 IMPS behind after the 1st session and were harbouring thoughts of an upset. But it was not to be as Donabate won four swing boards in the 2nd session and put an end to any thoughts of an upset.

Victory scrape home against Clare O’Neill’s Broadmeadow team

Victory had hoped to capitalise on the momentum from their win over Donabate in the 6th round. The other Broadmeadow team captained by Clare O’Neill were not having any of it and fought them all the way. Victory won the 1st session by 21 IMPs and looked to be on their way to a comprehensive win. In the 2nd Session however, Broadmeadow had much the better of it and won by 19 IMPS. This left Victory ahead by a margin of 2 IMPs which when converted to VP’s resulted in a10.5 to 9.5 win. While Victory remain in 2nd place, they have fallen further behind Donabate as result of this fighting performance from Clare’s Broadmeadow team.

Mary Hynes’s team come out on top in St Anthony’s local derby

There is a huge inter club rivalry between these two teams. Going into the match Vanessa Timon’s team were in 4th place on 75 VP’s just 6 VP’s ahead of Mary’s team who were in 5th place. As befits a derby match, this was a very tightly fought game. Vanessa’s team won the 1st session by a measly 1IMP and were ahead by 6IMPs going into the last board of the 2nd session. You can see below what happened.

Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 20.15.27

On Vanessa’s table, Peadar Buckley is in the West seat and while he has 12 points and a 5 card heart suit, he chooses not to open. As a result, Mary Byrne in south opens 1 club with her 5 card club suit and 16 HCP’s and eventually ends up in 2NT. Unfortunately for Mary, she goes down 2. On the other table, Kathleen Briody in the West seat opens 1 heart. Deirdre Diamond overcalls 1 spade and after Kathleen’s partner Una O’Byrne passes, Frances Ryan in the South seat, jumps to 4 spades and makes the contract – 13IMPS to Mary Hynes’s team and victory in the match by 6IMPS which was 11.46 to 8.54 in VP’s. This was Peadar’s 2nd time turning down an opportunity to open with 12 points during the match. On that occasion it did not work out to his advantage and his team lost 11 IMPS on the board. The league position of the two St Anthony’s teams remains unchanged after this result, but now they are just separated by 2 VP’s. The rivalry continues.
Other games
The other two games completed in Round 7 were also tight affairs. Foxhall got the better of Iona by 11.68 to 8.32 and leapfrogged them in the table into 9th place, while Sportslink just defeated Whitehall by 11.46 to 8.54 and remain in 8th place.
Round 8 is now in progress with 3 more to go after. I hope you continue to enjoy these matches and the best of luck to you all.