C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Dublin North Region AGM 2022
Friday 10th June 6pm


1.    Address by CEO of the CBAI                 Dermot O’Brien
2.    Welcome by Chairperson:                      Aidan Synnott
3.    Minutes of AGM 2021:                            Mary Breen            
4.    Matters Arising
5.    Treasurer's Report 2021/22                   Kay McDonald
6.    Matters arising
7.    Secretary's report to AGM                     Mary Breen
8.    Competitions Report                               Aidan Synnott
9.    Kirwans League Report                           Dan O’Mahony. Ria Malone
10.Out-going President's address:           Jim McCormack
11.Nomination and Election of Officers and Committee of DNR:
a:        President Elect
b:        Honorary Secretary
c:         Honorary Treasurer
d:        County Development officers x 2
e:        Committee members
12.    Appointment of Auditor
13.    Election of delegates to    
·      National AGM, (6) (Clayton Silver Springs Hotel. (Cork 2nd July)
·      Governing Council (2)
14.    In-coming President's Address:            John Kehoe
15.    A.O.B.

Minutes of the 2021 AGM
Secretary's Report