Dublin North Region

President's Letter

C.B.A.I. Dublin North Bridge

Dear Bridge Players,

First, and most importantly we hope you are all well and keeping safe.

The committee of the D.N.R met (virtually) at the end of last week and this is a resumé of the matters raised, discussed, and agreed.
The AGM scheduled for June has been postponed until some date after September and probably until next year.

The present committee decided the best course of action is to remain in office and to meet again in September to review everything in the light of the situation at that time.

The accounts for the year June 2019/ June 2020 have been passed by the committee and are currently being audited.

Kirwan League
This has been postponed not cancelled. Full details are on the website.

Virtual Bridge
This new way of playing is gaining in strength hourly not daily!
Many are playing Bridge online privately or in club style competitions. Aidan Synnott has been involved in setting up club groupings as has Dick Kiernan in Foxhall/ Bayside.
The amount of work has been considerable. Malahide have competitions running under the watchful control of Eamon Galligan. Many others have also stepped up to organising virtual clubs.

If you have not yet registered with Bridge Base online, I would strongly recommend you do so. Every club has someone (like Francis Scally in Bayside) who like some modern-day Guidance Counsellor has led people through the process with great patience.

Until we meet again - Stay safe.

Rodney O'Hara

President D.N.R