DNR Bridgemate Seminar

DNR Bridgemates Operations Seminar for Club Level Tournament Directors

This seminar is aimed at existing and aspiring club level Tournament Directors who want to learn how to run competitions using Bridgemates. No prior knowledge of using the Bridgemate system will be assumed. However, the seminar will also be of interest to people who currently run competitions using Bridgemates, but wish to improve their knowledge and skills. Do you know how to setup a competition using Bridgemates but worry about what you will do if something goes wrong? If so, you should find this seminar helpful.

The morning will consist of two didactic sessions. The first will cover common pairs movements. This is
not intended to be a Tournament Director course, but important aspects of the common movements will be covered, as a good knowledge of these is essential to the successful running of tournaments using Bridgemates. The second didactic session will explain how the Bridgemate system works, and the procedures for setting up tournaments employing Bridgemates, using both ScoreBridge and EBUScore.

Following a light lunch, the participants will divide into small groups. Each group will be assigned to a tutor who will have a live system running. Participants will have the opportunity to set up a tournament. This should be of particular interest to the aspiring group. They will then be taken through the procedures for dealing with the most important issues that may arise during the course of a tournament. These will include:

  • Correcting a name using a Bridgemate, Bridgemate Control Software and/or the scoring program.
  • Correcting an erroneous result entry.
  • Assigning artificial scores (averages etc.).
  • Replacing a faulty Bridgemate.

One station will be devoted to dealing with disasters; power cuts, computer crashes, server failures etc. Recovering data from the Server or the Bridgemates themselves will be covered here. This will be of interest to the more advanced users.

There will then be a further didactic session, covering the procedures that should be followed at the end of the tournament, including:
  • Ensuring all results are in and have found their way to the scoring program.
  • Closing unplayed rounds.
  • Manually correcting erroneous scores using the scoring program.
  • Printing results.
  • Uploading them to a website.

This will be followed by a question and answer session.

Saturday April 20, 2024.
Time: 11:00 - 16:30.
Venue: Donnycarney/Beaumont Care Centre.
Cost: €25 per person (includes sandwiches during lunchtime break).
Registration: Closed.

Places are limited to so please book early.