C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Kirwan’s League Rules - September 2023.
1.     All games will be played either face to face or on BBO and in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.
2.     Entries must be made by the club's secretary, to the relevant League Coordinator.
3.     Teams may use up to six (6) players in a season.  All players on the team must be members of the Club entering the team and affiliated members of the C.B.A.I. and of the correct Grade. 
4.     It is preferable to name all six (6) members of the team but at least four (4) Players must be named on the Team application form.  
5.     No player may play in more than one League Team, either as a substantive member or as a substitute. Likewise, no player may act as a substitute in more than one League Team.  If an unnamed substitute is introduced to a team in a League in which there is more than one Section and the Sections are graded, the substitute must conform to the grading rules in place for the Section in question 
6.    At least 24 boards must be played in each match by Intermediate A and Master teams. In the Intermediate B & Novice League(s), 20 boards is the acceptable minimum.
7.    The Home Captain should arrange the matches, but both Captains share the responsibility for ensuring the matches are played. Ideally, matches should be played within the specified dates but can be played earlier by mutual agreement and may be played out of sequence if necessary. 
8.  In the Kirwan’s League, walk-overs are not acceptable.   
9. As soon as possible after each match, both Captains must inform their League Co-ordinator of the results (ideally by email or text.) These results will be independently checked .
10.  There will be separate Sections of no more than 6 teams if there are sufficient entries. This means there will be a maximum of five games to be played between November and May. If there is more than one section, there will be a playoff to determine the overall winner.
11. The overall results will be calculated on the basis of Victory Points, using the continuous 20 point scale.
  The Winners of each League will be awarded the Trophy and will be invited to a celebration.
14.  Master Points will be awarded to the individual players for all matches won or drawn in the League. Additional Master Points will be awarded to the overall Winners and Runners up. 
15.  The Organising Committee has the final say in resolving disputes.
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