C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Round 4 of Kirwan Novice/B League
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The Malahide/Sportslink match from Round 4 is outstanding, but as they have now both played their Round 5 match, I decided that it was time to give you your round 4 update. (excluding their round 5 matches)
There appears to be no stopping Doris Bruederlin’s Donabate team as they completed their 4
th win in a row, this time against St Gabriel’s by a 20/0 Victory Point margin, leaving them well in front of all the other teams. This crowned off a great week for Doris and her partner Jane Brennan who were 2nd in the McLoughlin Cup on Saturday.
The other 4 matches had one thing in common – the team that was leading after the 1
st session lost the match. The biggest comeback was in the Foxhall/St Anthony’s (Mary Hynes) match. Foxhall won the 1st session by a 16 IMP margin, but there must have been something in St Anthony’s tea at half time as they won the 2nd session by 44 IMPs resulting in a 15.54 to 4.46 win.
The tightest match of the round was that between Clare O’Neill’s Broadmeadow Team and Whitehall. Whitehall were ahead by 9 IMPs after the 1
st session. Going into the last board of the 2nd session, the teams were level (although they did not know it). You can see what happened below. On Table 1, Noreen Keane opened 1NT, Jerry MacDonough bid 2 Diamonds (Transfer to Hearts), but Noreen decided not to accept the transfer because of her diamond holding. This left Jerry playing in 2 diamonds going down 1. On Table 2, Alex Reid playing south, opened 1NT and Elizabeth Reynolds playing North bid 2 diamonds – all the same so far. Alex bid 2 hearts to complete the transfer and made the contract + 1, a swing of 6 IMP’s to Broadmeadow and victory as well by 11.54 to 8.46.
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In the Victory/St Anthony (Vanessa Timon) match, Victory looked set for their 4th win in a row as they led the match by 11 IMP’s after the 1st session. But that famous St Anthony’s tea was dished out again at half time with St Anthony’s winning the 2nd session by 24 IMP’s and winning the overall match by 12.95/7.05
In the last match of the round, Liz Butler’s (who was not playing herself) Broadmeadow team, must have got some of the St Anthony’s tea as they overcame a 1
st session deficit of 5 IMP’s in their match against Iona. They won the 2nd session by 23 IMP’s giving them a 13.9/6.1 win.
The top 5 places in the league remain unchanged from round 3. The main mover in the round was Vanessa Timon’s St Anthony’s team who have gone from 8
th to 6th place.
We have two matches completed in Round 5 and the rest are scheduled to be completed by 30
th January at which point, you will get your next update.