C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region

Kirwans League Inter As - Nov., 2023 to May, 2024

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The Kirwans Inter A League has finally been completed for the 2023/2024 season. Right up to the last match it was a close call between Vernon 2 (Capt. Dan O'Mahony), Malahide 1 (Capt. Doris Bruederlin) and Malahide 2 (Capt. Deirdre Lonergan).      However, the final match of the season between Malahide 2 and Vernon 1 saw Malahide 2 emerge victorious. This match catapulted Malahide 2 into first place.                                                               
The DNR would like to extend our thanks to all who participated in the 2023/2024 League and we look forward to seeing you at our Gala Celebration on Saturday 18th May.
Ria Malone,
Inter A League Co-Ordinator.